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Lenders Market Personal Loans for Debt Consolidation, But Atlanta Bankruptcy May Be More Realistic

Lenders are beginning to market personal loans as a way for cash-strapped Atlanta consumers to consolidate debt, according to The Wall Street Journal. While small loans all but died off during the recession, banks now see them as a way to make up for a reduction in home equity loans and other types of lending…. Read More »

Banks Pushing Debt Consolidation, But Chicago Bankruptcy May Be Better Solution

Personal loans all but disappeared during the recession, but it looks like they’re making a comeback. The Wall Street Journal reports that lenders like Wells Fargo and Discover Financial Services are signing Chicago consumers up for personal unsecured loans to cover expenses like home repair projects, weddings, and paying down debt. Bank customers received 425… Read More »

Chicago Bankruptcy May Help Homeowners Haunted by Old Mortgages

Homeowners shouldn’t be surprised if they find a foreclosure notice in the mail after defaulting on their mortgage payments. But what if the bank began foreclosure proceedings for a loan you knew was already paid off? More and more frequently, Chicago bankruptcy lawyers are seeing ghost mortgages coming back to haunt borrowers. In a recent… Read More »

Atlanta Bankruptcy May Help Consumers Plagued by Wave of Mortgage Errors

It’s bad enough that countless people are losing their homes because they can’t pay the bills. But imagine the frustration of finding out you’re losing a home you’ve paid off. As banks rush to push through millions of foreclosures in 2012, errors are increasingly leading to foreclosures, lawsuits, and credit damage for consumers who are… Read More »

Bank Fees & Consumer Debt in Atlanta Bankruptcy Cases

Typically it’s credit card companies that get the bad reputation for hidden fees and making consumers’ lives more difficult. And it’s for good reason — they charge ridiculously high interest rates and have hidden fees for things as crazy as customer service. But, in many cases, the banks are not far behind. Banks may be… Read More »