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Having a Budget Can Help Chicago Residents Start Saving and Pay Down Debt

Can there ever be too much of a good thing? Maybe when it comes to budgeting. Don’t get me wrong – sticking to a budget is not only smart, but it can help you kick start a savings plan and even pay down credit card debt and other obligations. Problem is, Chicago consumers have heard… Read More »

Change Your Financial Mindset to Start Saving Money

Saving money often presents a problem. You know you need to start saving, but you can spare so little thanks to your debt, you figure why even bother. Well, I’m going to let you in on a secret: every little bit counts. It’s better to save one dollar than to save no dollars at all…. Read More »

Start the New Year Right with a Realistic New Spending Plan

Gone are the days when losing weight or kicking a smoking habit were top New Year’s resolutions. This year, it’s all about the money. And for good reason. With millions of Americans facing foreclosure, out of work or otherwise struggling to pay the bills, it’s time for a real change. It’s time we stopped procrastinating… Read More »

Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyers Say Even Saving is Best in Moderation

It’s said that everything is best in moderation, even good things. That’s why I’m here to make the case for saving LESS. Don’t get me wrong, saving is still the underlying theme of most posts on this blog. Unless you’re about to get a massive raise at work – or, you know, have a money… Read More »

Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyers Suggest Swapping Cash for Credit to Save on Gift Giving This Summer

June is a sneaky month. It holds no major holiday, no income tax payments, no back-to-school shopping, but somehow it always costs me an arm and a limb. Just as I’ve finished paying off my Christmas shopping damages, I get bombarded with graduations, bridal showers, weddings, Father’s Day and birthday after birthday (seriously, does everyone… Read More »