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How to Find a Good Bankruptcy Attorney When You Need Help Getting Out of Debt

A great bankruptcy attorney is kind of like a great dentist. No one wants to get a root canal, right? But when you’re suffering and the situation isn’t going to get better on its own, a good dentist has the professional skill to expertly repair your problem – and the people skills to make the… Read More »

Despite Common Belief, Many Debt Plagued Homeowners Can File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

For thousands of deeply indebted Americans, Chapter 7 bankruptcy has been a saving grace. But thousands more consumers are missing out on the opportunity for a fresh start because they mistakenly believe they can’t file for Chapter 7 due to their status as homeowners. It’s a common myth that homeowners must file Chapter 13 bankruptcy… Read More »

Without Good Debts, More Young Consumers Unable to Get Loans

Fewer young adults are in debt today than 10 years ago. But as it turns out, that may not be a good thing. It’s not that people in their 20s and 30s have become more financially responsible overnight. Rather, it’s that their fiscal behavior over the past decade has finally made it impossible for them… Read More »

Fear of Losing Personal Items in Bankruptcy Often More Myth than Reality

For many, bankruptcy is the single most reliable and realistic way to get out of debt. Yet countless eligible borrowers will never file thanks to a commonly-held fear. Most folks believe that if they seek bankruptcy protection, they will lose their possessions, from cars to TV sets. But in most cases, that’s simply not true…. Read More »

Atlanta Bankruptcy Numbers Drop Slightly, But Remain Steady in 3rd Quarter

Recently released numbers by the American Bankruptcy Institute showed that the number of people filing for bankruptcy in the Atlanta area decreased slightly overall but still remained high in the third quarter of 2011. Our Atlanta bankruptcy lawyers understand that historically the third quarter numbers are typically not as high as fourth quarter numbers, so… Read More »