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Chicago Bankruptcy Numbers Take a Dip in 3rd Quarter Because of Loose Credit

A recent look at the most recent bankruptcy numbers shows that there was a drop in filings in the Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Illinois during the third quarter. Most analysts believe that this is because creditors have loosened their standards for handing out credit. As you likely have seen in recent weeks,… Read More »

Jobs Up, Unemployment Down, But Chicago Bankruptcy Still a Viable Option

Recently released data suggests that more than 120,000 jobs were added in November, which lowered the unemployment rate to 8.6 percent, CNNMoney reports. This is certainly encouraging news. Our Chicago bankruptcy lawyers hope that many of the seasonal workers who were hired in retail and by companies producing consumer goods can hang on to those… Read More »

Credit Card Companies Trying to Use Holiday Shopping to Lead Atlanta Consumers Into Debt

If you’ve watched television in the last few months, you’ve seen Jimmy Fallon, Alec Baldwin and that guy hired by Chase pitching the “cash back” benefit or the “perks” and “rewards” of their respective credit cards. recently reported that many credit card companies are trying to seize the moment and strike quickly by trying… Read More »

Recent Grads Considering Atlanta Bankruptcy in Poor Economy

Even the most experienced business professionals are finding that securing a well-paying job is a challenge. So college graduates, who have little experience, but a brand new degree and an excitement for getting into the workforce, are finding the current climate even more of a challenge. Atlanta bankruptcy lawyers have followed the news as Georgia’s… Read More »

Atlanta Forecloures on the Rise Again, But Bankruptcy Can Stop Them

As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, there is little good news to talk about in the housing market in the Atlanta metro area. It reported that foreclosure notices in October were up from September. This is likely because banks are again ramping up foreclosure cases after taking nearly a year break when unethical and illegal banking… Read More »