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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Atlanta vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Atlanta; What Works for You?

A recent article out of St. Louis looks at the pros, cons and differences in the two types of bankruptcies. Anyone filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Atlanta or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Atlanta should learn all they can about the process, then consult with an attorney. As we previously reported on the Atlanta Bankruptcy… Read More »

Atlanta Bankruptcy Can Help If You’re a Job Seeker

Many people are looking for jobs. As of October, the Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorney Blog reported, the jobless rate was 10.4 percent in September. Unemployment is one of the top causes for bankruptcy in Atlanta, as people simply can’t afford to make their monthly mortgage payment if they don’t have a job. Sadly, banks are unwilling… Read More »

Cybercrime Can Lead Consumers into Chicago Bankruptcy

It used to be that consumers had to watch out for frauds who wanted to steal their money by trying to scam them by letter or phone. Nowadays, consumers must be even more vigilant, what with the ever evolving digital world of mobile banking and other money related online transactions. A recent ABC News article… Read More »

Grocery Bills, Other Bills Add Up, Leading Some to Consider Chicago Bankruptcy

You may recall the “good ‘ole days” when you could buy fruits and vegetables from a local farmer for pennies on the dollar, or getting a good deal from your local grocer during your weekly shopping excursion. Unfortunately, those days are over as food prices overall continue to soar. Nowadays, consider yourself lucky if you’re… Read More »

Bank Fees Taking a Toll on Chicago Consumers Considering Bankruptcy

The banks keep making it more and more difficult for many people in Chicago who are simply trying to get by. First, the banking industry’s sub-prime mortgage debacle is largely to blame for the biggest financial decline in the last 100 years. Now, they have decided that the way for them to recover all that… Read More »