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Atlanta Bankruptcy Filings Dip, but Levels Remain High For Help With Debt

A recent report in The New York Times found that bankruptcy numbers in June were down from May. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that the economy is improving, rather Atlanta Bankruptcy Lawyers believe it likely means that credit companies and lenders are sucking more people into high interest rate loans and credit opportunities. When bankruptcy… Read More »

LTH Forum For Sale As Website Founder Goes Through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Chicago

One of Chicago’s post popular websites for food enthusiasts in Chicago is now on sale for at least $40,000 after one of its founders filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in Chicago. The Chicago Tribute reports about recent developments in the beloved website, a message board with hundreds of thousands of posts from reviewers,… Read More »

Chapter 7 Bankruptcies in Chicago often caused by Medical Bills

Many Americans are facing insurmountable debt due to medical bills. In fact, medical expenses are the leading cause of bankruptcy filings. With the outrageous cost of treatments, procedures and medications and the lack of adequate insurance coverage, more and more Americans fall into debt because of a health emergency or chronic medical conditions. Many residents… Read More »

Those Considering Bankruptcy in Chicago already have Credit Score Blues; New Beginning a Sigh of Relief

We exercise. We visit the doctor regularly. We eat healthy — all to preserve our physical health. But taking care of your financial health is every bit as important. The estimated credit card debt in the United States is nearly $15,000, according to Credit Many blame the recession, the deteriorating housing market and other… Read More »

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Atlanta the Best Option for Many seeking Fresh Start

It’s no secret that many Americans are struggling with an insurmountable amount of debt caused by credit card use, unpaid mortgage or unpaid medical bills. As your credit score has, oftentimes, already been ruined by these balances, you’re best bet may be to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Atlanta or you hometown. Currently, medical… Read More »