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Hospital Markup Illustrates Why Atlanta Bankruptcy May be Necessary when Dealing with Medical Bills

Patient advocates are accusing hospitals of excessive markup on medical services. Statistics proving these claims can be found by comparing various local hospitals. For example, Tenet Healthcare Corp.’s North Fulton Regional Hospital jacks up their prices an estimated 702 percent over cost. South Fulton Medical Center, another Tenet facility, marks up their medical billing by… Read More »

Atlanta Residents Continue to Seek Bankruptcy Protection in Record Numbers

The latest statistics show the number of bankruptcy filings fell 6 percent in the first quarter of the year, although they still remain at record levels, CNN reported. Our Atlanta bankruptcy lawyers continue to help consumers dealing with bad mortgage debt, credit card debt and medical bills. Nationwide, more than 340,000 people filed for bankruptcy… Read More »

Study Confirms Illinois Bankruptcies Give Consumers a New Beginning

The results of a study conducted through the University of Illinois found that those who filed for bankruptcy protection have largely seized their chance at financial redemption and are changing their financial lives for the better, according to an article on Mother Nature Network. Our bankruptcy lawyers in Joliet, Chicago and elsewhere in Illinois see… Read More »

Bankruptcy Filings Decline 6 percent but Chicago Bankruptcy Attorneys continue to Assist Record Number of Clients

CNN is reporting that six percent fewer consumer bankruptcy filings were reported in the first quarter of 2011. At first blush, that sounds like good news. The truth of the matter is that bankruptcy filings are at historically high levels. Chicago bankruptcy attorneys continue to handle record numbers of filings for consumers who are dealing… Read More »

Mortgage Assistance Program Fails — Struggling Atlanta Homeowners Best Served by Qualified Attorney

The government’s plan to kill its mortgage modification program will likely have a minimal impact on consumers; the plan distributed only about $1 billion of the $50 billion earmarked for foreclosure prevention as banks fought the government every step of the way. For many trying to stop foreclosure in Atlanta, even acceptance turned out to… Read More »