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Chicago Bankruptcy Can Help Students With Debt Caused By High College Loans

The Lexington Herald-Leader recently reported about a couple in Kentucky facing $70,000 in federally insured student loans, despite dropping out of school because of family problems and defaulting on the loans. The couple is now buried and debt, yet haven’t filed for bankruptcy. While it’s true most student loans cannot be discharged, filing bankruptcy can… Read More »

Chicago Credit Card Debt Piles Up, So Should You Get Another Card?

Remember when getting a credit card was thrilling and it made you feel like you were getting some new-found freedoms? Well, now that you’re an adult and have seen the destruction these high interest rate cards can cause, you probably don’t feel the same way as you did years ago. With the Great Recession mostly… Read More »

10 Ways to Avoid Credit Card Debt in Chicago

Credit cards can seem to be a blessing for someone who is struggling to get by. But as the debt mounts, you may begin making fewer payments, leading to ridiculously high interest rates. That can lead you to consider filing for bankruptcy in Chicago. But a recent article by a debt expert Andrew Housser explains… Read More »

Chicago Taxpayers Find Secret to Getting Bigger Refund

This year’s average tax refund is more than $3,000 – but there may be a way to stretch it even farther. With gas and grocery prices going up, it would be easy to allow that money to simply disappear, say Chicago bankruptcy attorneys. A couple bills here, a little shopping splurge there, some unexpected car… Read More »

How Foreclosure Affects Chicago Homeowners’ Credit Scores

Everyone wants to know if bankruptcy will leave a black mark on their credit score. Yet few seem to consider the credit consequences of foreclosure. This month we talked about bankruptcy’s impact on credit – initially, filing can drop your score by a one or two hundred points. Of course, as your debt disappears, you… Read More »