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Watch Out for ATM Fees That Add Up

Using cash usually makes more sense than credit. You don’t have to deal with interest, you know you can’t spend more than what’s in your account and the act of physically parting with your money makes you less likely to splurge — and wind up in debt. But there’s at least one pitfall to paying… Read More »

Is Bankruptcy Your Best Debt Solution?

When you have a headache, you take Tylenol. When you’re cold, you throw on a jacket. When faced with common problems, most folks opt for the most obvious solutions. Except when it comes to getting out of debt. For some reason, the vast majority of Americans will let themselves suffer for years before they consider… Read More »

Take a Bankruptcy Cue From the Chicago Cubs

While once upon a time a bankruptcy filing might have meant embarrassment and shame, now it means something else – a fresh start. Those who file for bankruptcy today are intelligent, responsible – heck, they’re even famous. In case you need more proof that the stigma is finally fading, here it is – even the… Read More »

Don’t Follow the Crowd When It Comes to Your Finances

When I was a kid, I based a lot of decisions on what my friends thought was cool. If they were on the softball team, I wanted to be on the softball team. If they were dying their hair pink and wearing pleather pants, I became an unfortunate victim of fashion right alongside them. My… Read More »

More Credit Card Issuers Are Switching to Variable Rates In Anticipation of New Law

There’s a new law to protect consumers on the horizon – and credit card companies aren’t exactly taking it sitting down. In anticipation of next year’s Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act – which aims to end hidden fees and unfair term changes – credit card issuers are looking for last-minute ways to squeeze… Read More »