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Chicago Community Workshops Are One More Way to Learn About Finances

Even though it’s been a while since the end of summer meant back to school, I still find myself intrigued by the new clothes, backpacks and books on store shelves. It’s not so much the stuff – since I don’t have kids yet, I’m not planning a back-to-school shopping spree – but the feeling I… Read More »

Paying Down Debt Should Take Priority Over Spending to Stimulate Economy

It’s a catch-22. We’re supposed to make it through tough economic times by saving – but then we get blamed for slowing down the economy. What do I mean? In June, consumers reduced their credit card debt for the fifth month in a row, according to a Federal Reserve report. Total consumer debt in the… Read More »

Illinois Bankruptcy Lawyers See Economic Growth, But Warn Road to Recovery Might Be Long

Something rare happened to me recently – I actually heard some positive economic news. In this day and age, that’s reason for some (cautious) celebration. So here’s the happy newsflash. Proof has finally arrived that the $787 billion economic stimulus package passed in February was (no surprise) worth the money, according to a New York… Read More »

Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyers Explain There’s No Such Thing as a Free Foreclosure

On Tuesday, the federal government made a deal with mortgage company execs to perform 500,000 loan modifications by Nov. 1 – a significant scale back from than the 3-4 million first expected to be helped by the Making Home Affordable program. While Uncle Sam struggles to revive its ailing loan modification incentive program, some homeowners… Read More »

Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyers Explain Why Chapter 13 Can Be More Effective Than Loan Modification

Now that the government is offering a financial incentive for lenders to perform loan modifications, you should be less likely to face foreclosure, right? Don’t hold your breath. Turns out that the $75 billion Making Home Affordable program forgot one important thing – banks are in it for the money. And in this case, the… Read More »