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Chicago Bankruptcy Attorneys Recommend Recycling for Extra Cash

You probably already know that if you save your aluminum cans and glass bottles you can earn something like 5 cents per container – but, unless you’ve taken to collecting cans from friends, neighbors and city streets (not necessarily a bad idea) it’s really more of a rebate than a way to make money. But… Read More »

Keep Your Credit Cards Out of Sight to Save Money, Suggest Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyers

Some people have coin collections. Others collect baseball cards. Some folks, like my boyfriend, collect guitars. I happen to have a credit card collection. Fortunately, I haven’t opened any new accounts lately – I know better. But once upon a time, I was clueless. If a store offered a 15 percent discount or members rewards… Read More »

Chicago Bankruptcy Attorneys Recommend Taking Action to Stop Debt

The recent economic news seems to be straight out of a movie – the good, the bad and the ugly. This morning, for instance, I read about soaring stocks, falling jobless claims and the Fed’s prediction that the economy could start to recover by the end of the year. Ah, things must be getting better,… Read More »

Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyers Warn of IRS Tax Audit Increase to Cover Debt

Uncle Sam is in a bind – and he might require your help. To aid the federal government in covering its $1 trillion dollar deficit, the IRS has ramped up its focus on individual workers, small business owners and the self-employed in the form of “soft letters” and tax audits. If you haven’t reported all… Read More »

Chicago Bankruptcy Laywers Suggest Chapter 13 for Consumer Financial Protection

I guess the banking industry hasn’t heard of karma. After sending our economy into a downward spiral with irresponsible lending practices – and putting millions of Americans out of homes, jobs and dreams in the process – they were bailed out by the same taxpayers they nearly destroyed. So when the industry caught wind of… Read More »