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Budget Challenge Offers Chance for Atlanta Consumers to Finally Find Financial Freedom

We wouldn’t dream of taking a road-trip without a map or building a house without a blueprint. So how is it that most of us are running our household finances without a family budget? Not only is a budget one of the most important tools for getting a grip on finances, it’s also one of… Read More »

High Interest Credit Cards Lure Atlanta Consumers Struggling With Debt

It’s been two years since the Credit CARD Act was passed and it seems that credit card interest rates have gone nowhere but up. Despite the common belief, the legislation didn’t put a limit on rates – only the way in which credit card companies could charge them, explain Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. Today, creditors are… Read More »

Chicago Consumers Sign Up For Credit Cards With Outrageous Rates

Would you be OK with paying a 60% premium on your purchases? If you’re like most Americans, the answer might be yes. Consumers are signing up in droves for high-interest credit cards like First Premier’s 59.9% APR card. In fact, the same card had plenty of takers when it debuted with a whopping 79.9% APR… Read More »

Is Hidden Debt Taking a Toll On Your Marriage?

Forget a box of chocolates. The best present you can give your significant other this Valentine’s Day is your faithfulness – financial faithfulness, that is, say Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. Relationships these days are just as likely to be damaged by financial cheating as by adultery. According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, more than 50 percent… Read More »

Are Your Financial Secrets Hurting Your Relationship?

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, but the majority of Americans are doing something decidedly unromantic, say Chicago bankruptcy attorneys. At least 30 percent of married people cop to cheating – of the financial kind, that is. In other words, they admit to hiding a major purchase or other financial indiscretion from their partner, according to… Read More »