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The Truth About Bankruptcy’s Effect on Chicago Credit Scores

The most common myth about bankruptcy is that folks who file will never see a good credit score – but the truth is, they might actually see a better one. According to an expert from, it’s possible to not only rebuild credit after bankruptcy but to improve to a score of 750 or more…. Read More »

How the Bankruptcy Process Really Affects Atlanta Consumers’ Credit Scores

They’re right when they say your credit score won’t be the same after bankruptcy – chances are, it will be better. Despite the pervasive myth that bankruptcy will leave a permanent mark on your credit, those who file can still reach numbers of more than 750 – the Holy Grail of FICO scores, says an… Read More »

Why More Senior Citizens Are Filing For Bankruptcy In Retirement

I always thought senior citizens spent their retirement golfing and gardening. Turns out they spend it much like the rest of us – stressing over how to pay growing bills. Since the recession began, the number of senior citizens filing for bankruptcy has skyrocketed. Expensive prescriptions, decreasing home values and stock market crashes have left… Read More »

Why More Elderly Americans Are Passing Debt On To Their Families

I always thought of Grandma as the penny-pinching, coupon-clipping type. So I was more than a little surprised when, after she passed away, we learned that she’d left Grandpa with thousands of dollars in debt. Sadly, it’s becoming an even more common scenario in today’s economy. Rising healthcare costs and medication prices coupled with dwindling… Read More »

How Maximizing Tax Cut Can Help Taxpayers Lower Debt

If you’re like most folks, you like to dream of all the things you could afford if you finally got that pay raise. But what if I told you that you’ve already gotten your raise – and you’re blowing it? Thanks to a tax bill signed by President Obama in December, the majority of Americans… Read More »