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How Chicago Savers Can End Up With One Million Dollars in Retirement Savings

Once upon a time, having a million dollars when you retired meant you were rich. Nowadays, it merely means you’re financially secure – if you manage your money responsibly. But while a million bucks doesn’t stretch quite as far – or buy as much luxury – as it did in our parents’ day, the good… Read More »

Using Credit And Debit Encourages Atlanta Consumers to Make Unnecessary Purchases

If it seems like you always wind up with one too many bags of Halloween candy in your house, your credit card habit might be to blame. It turns out that paying with plastic can encourage consumers to buy unhealthy food, according to a recent study by the Journal of Consumer Research. Fortunately, shoppers can… Read More »

Building an Emergency Savings Fund Can Help Atlanta Workers Survive Job LossSaving Money Today Can Help Chicago Workers Deal With Unemployment Tomorrow

Being optimistic is one thing; being in denial is another. And unfortunately, it seems that millions of American workers are currently in denial about the job market. It’s not that folks are naïve enough to think they won’t lose their job. On the contrary, 55 percent of Americans are worried that they could soon be… Read More »

Saving Money Today Can Help Chicago Workers Deal With Unemployment Tomorrow

Living in fear is no way to spend your life, but living in denial can be just as bad. Yet that’s what millions of Americans are doing in today’s unstable job market. Despite the fact that one out of every 10 workers is unemployed and 55 percent of Americans fear they could soon lose their… Read More »

Tax Breaks Help Unemployed Chicago Workers Pay for Job Search

When you’re out of work and without a paycheck, finding a new job can feel like it’s taking forever – especially when you’re also struggling to pay your credit card bills and the mortgage. But all that legwork can pay off in more ways than one. Of course, the best case scenario is that you… Read More »