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Curing a Spending Addiction Can Relieve Debt for Chicago Shoppers

You might think the easiest cure for a shopping addiction would be having less money to spend – but you’d be wrong. That’s like saying someone addicted to gambling will stop pressing their luck when they start losing – ain’t gonna happen. Much like gambling, overeating or smoking, spending can be a compulsion. And sometimes… Read More »

Payday Loan Centers Are Leaving Atlanta Workers In Debt

Most of us would agree that 50% interest is way too much to pay for a credit card. Yet many Atlanta residents are paying annual rates of 500% or more – we just don’t realize it. How? Payday loans. Maybe you know the drill. For whatever reason, you come up short on the bills one… Read More »

Atlanta Consumers Save Money With Virtual Savings Accounts and Automatic Payments

My piggy bank has served me well, but he’s just not cutting it anymore. It’s not that putting money in a jar doesn’t work. Socking away my spare change every week actually helped me pay for college. It’s just that, in this day and age, we don’t really have spare change since we rely on… Read More »

Virtual Saving Accounts Help Chicago Consumers Jumpstart Savings Plans

My mom taught us kids to put our spare change in the piggy bank and it worked. That money helped fund many a spending spree – and even helped pay for (a small part) of my college tuition. Problem is, nowadays much of our spending is done on credit and debit cards. The downside of… Read More »

Too Much Debt Can Keep Chicago Job Seekers Unemployed

Think debt is just a drain on your finances? Think again. Carrying too much debt can actually be detrimental to your entire life, from your income to your health. Let’s say you’re looking for a job, whether it’s because you’re unemployed, a new college graduate or interested in changing careers. You know you’re qualified, you… Read More »