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When to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Instead of Chapter 13

There’s a reason Chapter 7 is the most common type of personal bankruptcy: It’s a lot faster than Chapter 13, it doesn’t require filers to pay back a portion of debt and, contrary to popular myth, it allows most people to keep their possessions.  So what’s the biggest drawback to Chapter 7? Not everyone will… Read More »

Myths and Truths About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

There is a significant stigma attached to bankruptcy that leads people to believe that filing a claim means that one is either poor or irresponsible with finances. In addition, common misconceptions tend to follow that bankruptcy leads to forfeiting everything you own or that you are somehow gaming the system to your advantage. These are… Read More »

Georgia Chapter 7 Exemptions

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice everything you’ve earned. Under this type of bankruptcy, you are able to retain ownership over certain belongings, which may include your car, home and retirement savings. Under Georgia law, married persons who file jointly for bankruptcy are allowed to make the maximum amount… Read More »

Factors to Consider for Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

As you consider filing bankruptcy, you must account for the type and amount of debt you have and for which type of bankruptcy to file in order to best resolve your financial crisis.  Chapter 7 is the most frequently filed for and fastest type of consumer bankruptcy.  Known as “liquidation” bankruptcy, Chapter 7 allows you… Read More »

Foreclosure Defense

During the recent housing crisis, hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes through abusive and fraudulent foreclosure practices.  In an attempt to compensate victims and put into place fair practices, Georgia ― along with 49 other states and the federal government ― reached an $8.5 billon National Mortgage Settlement with 10 major mortgage lenders…. Read More »