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Even Small Debit Cards and ATM Withdrawals Can Lead to Big Fees

Since when does a cup of coffee cost $40? Since banks started using debit cards to make profits off their customers. In the past few years, consumers have increasingly turned to debit cards and cash rather than credit. It makes sense – most Americans are carrying some sort of debt burden and we don’t want… Read More »

Banks Are Making Some Debit Cards More Expensive Than Credit

Imagine opening up your bank statement and finding that the $5 lunch you bought with your debit card last week actually cost you $45. Sound outrageous? It is – but it’s happening to bank customers across the county. As more consumers choose to forgo credit and its accompanying interest and fees, banks are finding sneaky… Read More »

Debit Can Help Rein In Debt As Long As You Don’t Overdraw

When I first discovered the wonders of the debit card, I thought I was in heaven. Here was a form of payment as convenient as credit, yet seemingly as safe as cash. Unlike paper money, it didn’t require me to plan a trip to the ATM. But unlike credit, it didn’t charge me interest or… Read More »

Choose Debit Over Credit, But Be Wary of Overdraft Protection

Faced with sky-high interest rates and increasing fees, many consumers are giving up credit cards in exchange for debit. Like credit cards, debit cards are convenient – they don’t require a trip to the ATM, don’t involve making change, and make receipts obsolete since you can usually track your purchases on a bank statement. But… Read More »