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Consumer Credit Card Debt Increases Headed Into Holiday Shopping Season

If predictions for spending on Black Friday hold true, it could mean a boost for the U.S. economy. But while that’s a good thing for retailers, it may not be good news for consumers, say our bankruptcy attorneys. Consumer credit card behavior appears to be returning to pre-recession levels. That means an increase in spending… Read More »

Economy Picks Up, But Consumers Are Still Weighed Down by Debt in Tennessee

The good news is that the economy is showing signs of life. The bad news is that the recession has left many of us with so much debt that we won’t be able to take advantage of the economic improvement. As The Tennessean reports, home construction, factory output, and employment – all important economic indicators… Read More »

As Economy Improves, Many Consumers Are Still Weighed Down by Debt in Atlanta

The economy may be showing signs of improvement, but our finances are another story. One in five U.S. families currently have more in debt than they have in savings, according to a recent USA Today report. Even worse, some of us have no cash cushion at all. By the end of 2011, 23.4 percent of… Read More »

Growing Consumer Denial About Overspending Contributes to Debt, Chicago Bankruptcy

A new survey shows that half of Americans spend more than they earn for at least part of the year. Yet only 1 in 10 believes they are living beyond their means, reports – and the number of consumers in financial denial may only grow as the economy picks up. During the recession, many… Read More »

Holiday Spending Will Spur Credit Card Debt, Bankruptcy in Chicago

Even before Halloween, there were Thanksgiving decorations and now there are Christmas and December holiday sales being pitched, some seven weeks out. It’s shopping season. Sadly, however, all this spending will thrust many Americans into debt in Atlanta because of the predatory actions of credit card companies. Atlanta bankruptcy lawyers know that high spending, holiday… Read More »