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4 Tips for Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

Thinking of filing for bankruptcy to eliminate overwhelming debt? You’re not alone. These days, more than one million Americans find debt relief through bankruptcy each year. Fallout from the recession has left countless U.S. families drowning in debt. But there may be a silver lining: The tough economic times have helped shatter previously-held myths about… Read More »

Underwater Mortgages: Should You Walk Away from Your Home or File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to Stop Foreclosure?

The housing crisis isn’t through yet. Home sales are down, in part due to the millions of young would-be homeowners who are struggling to find employment and pay off overwhelming student loan debts. Even recent falling mortgage rates haven’t been enough to boost the real estate market. But it’s not just young adults who are… Read More »

How Long Should I Wait Before Filing for Bankruptcy?

It’s a myth that struggling consumers knowingly spend beyond their means. On the contrary, debt has a tendency to sneak up on most people little by little, day by day. Often times, you don’t notice how large debts have become until they’ve grown far beyond what you can reasonably repay. Just as it’s difficult to… Read More »

Can Bankruptcy Help Debtors Achieve the American Dream?

Could the American Dream really be just a dream? For the first time in generations, today’s Americans won’t be better off than their parents, a status once considered a marker of success in the United States. In a recent poll by CNN Money, nearly 60 percent of respondents said they feel the American Dream is… Read More »

How to Avoid Debt by Paying for College Without Student Loans

With total student debt in the U.S. exceeding $1 trillion, Americans seem to be accepting that going to college and racking up debt go hand-in-hand. But contrary to common belief, a good education doesn’t have to leave you (or your kids) saddled with a ridiculous amount of debt. College is expensive, yes – and it’s… Read More »