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Filing Early Tax Return Can Mean More Money For Atlanta Taxpayers

Just like early birds get the fattest worms, early tax filers might get the fattest tax refunds. Even though Uncle Sam is extending this year’s tax deadline from April 15 to April 18 due to a Washington holiday, taxpayers may want to file early this year, explain Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys – particularly those who think… Read More »

Chicago Taxpayers See Benefits of Filing Tax Return Early

Uncle Sam is extending your tax deadline – but you might prefer to say no thank-you, say Chicago bankruptcy lawyers. Because of a Washington D.C. holiday on April 15, the government is giving taxpayers until the following Monday – April 18 – to mail in our tax returns. But there’s no reason to wait until… Read More »

Money Myths That Can Make Your Debt Situation Worse

Most of the time, it’s a good idea to listen to age-old advice. When it comes to your finances, though, you might want to think twice, caution Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with long-held personal finance beliefs, like the idea that you should pay down debt before saving up. It’s just… Read More »

Debt Myths That Can Hurt Your Finances

We’ve all heard the classic financial advice a million times: pay down debt first, buy rather than rent, and invest as much as possible in your work’s 401k. But even the most trustworthy and time-tested tips can be wrong in the right situation – especially when it comes to debt, according to TheStreet. So how… Read More »

Why More Senior Citizens Are Filing For Bankruptcy In Retirement

I always thought senior citizens spent their retirement golfing and gardening. Turns out they spend it much like the rest of us – stressing over how to pay growing bills. Since the recession began, the number of senior citizens filing for bankruptcy has skyrocketed. Expensive prescriptions, decreasing home values and stock market crashes have left… Read More »