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Financial Aid Scams Take Advantage Of Chicago College Students

Getting a college degree is supposed to help you earn money – but lately, some students have been losing money thanks to a growing number of financial aid scams. For many folks out of work or looking for a way to boost their current income, going back to school seems like a logical solution. Problem… Read More »

More Foreclosures Can Mean More Foreclosure Rescue Scams

As if it isn’t hard enough to face foreclosure, many delinquent homeowners are now at risk for another hardship: foreclosure rescue scams. With more Americans falling behind on mortgage payments, our bankruptcy lawyers note that a growing number of individuals are attempting to benefit from the misfortune of others. In Illinois, for instance, foreclosure activity… Read More »

For Consumers Scammed by Debt Settlement Companies, Chicago Bankruptcy Offers Realistic Alternative

With consumer debt on the rise, a growing number of Chicago residents are falling victim to debt settlement scams. Last week, CBS Chicago reported that the Illinois Attorney General is suing a debt collection company, PN Financial, for ripping off nearly 50 residents. In one case, the company offered to settle a Chicago woman’s credit… Read More »

Cybercrime Can Lead Consumers into Chicago Bankruptcy

It used to be that consumers had to watch out for frauds who wanted to steal their money by trying to scam them by letter or phone. Nowadays, consumers must be even more vigilant, what with the ever evolving digital world of mobile banking and other money related online transactions. A recent ABC News article… Read More »

Cost of Cybercrime Fraud Could Lead to Bankruptcy in Atlanta

Online scams are everywhere these days: You get an e-mail saying you just won $30 million in the Nigerian lottery A person who takes your credit card to pay for something steals the information Your phone gets hacked when you download an application that’s actually a virus Maybe the Nigerian lottery is easy to spot,… Read More »