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Loan Modification vs. Bankruptcy: Which Is the Best Way to Stop Foreclosure?

When you’re falling behind on your mortgage payments, the chance to change the terms on your loan via a mortgage modification can sound almost too good to be true. Unfortunately, it often is. Loan modifications have gained notoriety in recent years, as lawmakers have tried to encourage them as a solution for struggling homeowners with… Read More »

Experts Caution Real Estate Recovery May Not Have Strength to Last

Home prices are rising, foreclosures are falling and consumers are snatching up properties: It looks like the housing market is on the mend. But all is not as it seems, say bankruptcy attorneys. Recently, real estate experts have been speculating that the real estate recovery won’t last. According to CNN Money, there are three main… Read More »

Foreclosures Dwindle to Pre-Housing Crisis Levels

Could the foreclosure crisis officially be over? Foreclosure filings in the first quarter of 2013 fell to the lowest level since 2007, according to new data from RealtyTrac. This March, banks took ownership of 44,000 homes. While it may sound like a lot, compare that with September 2010, when banks repossessed more than 100,000 properties…. Read More »

Despite Common Belief, Many Debt Plagued Homeowners Can File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

For thousands of deeply indebted Americans, Chapter 7 bankruptcy has been a saving grace. But thousands more consumers are missing out on the opportunity for a fresh start because they mistakenly believe they can’t file for Chapter 7 due to their status as homeowners. It’s a common myth that homeowners must file Chapter 13 bankruptcy… Read More »

Without Good Debts, More Young Consumers Unable to Get Loans

Fewer young adults are in debt today than 10 years ago. But as it turns out, that may not be a good thing. It’s not that people in their 20s and 30s have become more financially responsible overnight. Rather, it’s that their fiscal behavior over the past decade has finally made it impossible for them… Read More »