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Top Money Mistakes That Lead Chicago Couples Into Bankruptcy

Let’s face it: Not everyone is good at managing their finances. While many people are victimized by scams, poor investments or even by their own banks or credit card companies, there are those who require help in handling their financial world. Sometimes, the problem is magnified when a person gets married or becomes involved with… Read More »

Chicago Consumer Spending Is On the Rise – Or Is It?

Consumer spending in February increased at the quickest rate in four months, the first time the economy has showed signs of life in some time. But as it turns out, most of the spending was on one thing – gas. With gas prices hitting new highs of $4 a gallon in some cities, economic indicators… Read More »

How Organizing Finances Can Help Chicago Consumers Save Money

It’s that time of year again – and I’m not talking about doing your taxes. Spring starts tomorrow, and it’s the perfect excuse to get organized. If you’ve been neglecting your family budget, your growing debt, or your spending habits, it’s time for a financial version of spring cleaning. Even if you’ve gotten organized in… Read More »

Is Your Partner’s Debt Wreaking Havoc On Your Relationship?

Your Valentine might have given you a box of chocolates yesterday, but will he leave you with debt tomorrow? Earlier this month we talked about the consequences of hiding debt from your significant other. But what about the reverse – how does your spouse’s debt affect you? It’s not the most romantic topic, but with… Read More »

Budget Challenge Encourages Chicago Consumers to Take Back Control of Finances

The math is simple. Spend more than you earn, and you’ll end up with debt. Earn more than you spend, and you’ll gain control of your finances. So why is implementing a family budget anything but simple? For many of us, the problem starts at a young age. Maybe our parents were never very good… Read More »