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As Housing Prices Stay Low Despite Increase in Jobs, Atlanta Bankruptcy Remains an Option for Consumers

Usually employment and the housing market follow one another. Not in Atlanta, however. The good news is that, after increasing between 2007 and 2010, Atlanta unemployment is finally starting to ease. The rate has been falling steadily for seven months and has decreased nearly a full percentage point – to 9 percent – over the… Read More »

As Tuitions Rise for Georgia Students, More Young People and Their Families Suffer from Overwhelming Debt in Atlanta

Georgia college students, like students across the nation, are increasingly relying on large student loans to cover the costs of university. With tuition rising and jobs still scarce, more students are defaulting on their loans, putting their finances – and the finances of their families – at risk. Ten years ago, Georgia covered 75 percent… Read More »

Recent Grads Considering Tennessee Bankruptcy Amid High Unemployment and Poor Economy

When it’s a challenge for the most seasoned business professionals to land a well-paying job, you can only imagine how difficult it is for today’s recent college graduates. Gone are the days when a four-year education equaled job security. More than a shiny new degree or passion for one’s particular field, employers are looking for… Read More »

More Young Adults Struggle with Debt in Tennessee Compared to Older Consumers

Being young doesn’t always mean being carefree – especially in today’s economic climate. With college tuition fees and the cost-of-living rising steadily, young adults today are suffering from more financial pressure than they have in generations. Couple these costs with the fact that most recent college grads are faced with a sluggish and brutally competitive… Read More »

When Tough Economy Takes Toll on Psychological Health, Chicago Bankruptcy May Help

Prolonged periods of financial struggle are taking a toll on the psychological health of many Chicago families – kids included. A recent Chicago Sun-Times article examines the effects of long-term unemployment and foreclosure on children. Currently, unemployment rate in Chicago is hovering above 9% and more than 138,000 homes in the Chicago metro area have… Read More »