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When Good Debt Goes Bad: “Good Debts” Interfere with Savings, Too

The good news is that most retirement accounts have recovered from the lows they hit in 2008. So what’s the bad news? Nearly half of middle-class Americans still won’t have enough savings to retire, according to a recent survey by Wells Fargo. The culprit this time isn’t the market; it’s debt – and not just… Read More »

Holiday Store Credit Card “Deals” Often Lead to Big Debts, Bad Credit

If you’ve been to a department store or shopping mall this holiday season, chances are a cashier has asked if you’d like to save money by opening a store credit card. At retailers from Macy’s to Best Buy, opening a store card can save you anywhere from 5 to 20 percent – a pretty appealing… Read More »

Americans Still Struggling to Pay Off Debt, Says New Study

The economy may be on the upswing, but consumer finances are still down in the dumps. In a recent survey by, 36 percent of Americans reported that their top financial priority is simply to stay current or get caught up on bills. For 20 percent, the main goal is to pay off overwhelming debts… Read More »

Can Filing for Bankruptcy Stop Creditor Judgments for Credit Card Debt?

Credit card judgments are like ticking time bombs: You never know when they’re going to go off. For many consumers, bankruptcy is the best way to diffuse this potentially disastrous situation. As consumer debts grow, more lenders are choosing to obtain judgments against defaulting borrowers. With a judgment, lenders and their bill collectors are granted… Read More »

Do You Have Too Much Debt? 5 Signs You Need Help Relieving Your Debt Burden

Debt has a tendency to sneak up on you. You open a new credit card account and tell yourself you’ll pay off the balance each month. You raid your 401k and promise yourself you’ll pay it back when you get that windfall you’ve been waiting for. You make a late payment or find yourself taking… Read More »