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How Bankruptcy Can Stop Foreclosure, No Lender Approval Needed

Too little, too late might be the best way to sum up the $75 billion government initiative to reduce foreclosures by encouraging lenders to modify loans. Obama’s plan certainly meant well – and to be fair, it did help some folks – just not everyone. The plan recently reached its goal of helping 500,000 troubled… Read More »

Loan Modification Program Hits Target, But Is It Enough?

The economy might be recovering, but we’re not out of the woods yet – especially when it comes to foreclosures. Even though a $75 billion government anti-foreclosure program recently reached its goal of helping 500,000 folks get loan modifications, that’s only one-eighth of the 4 million homeowners it originally set out to assist. And while… Read More »

Bankruptcy Can Be More Effective Than Mortgage Modifications

Thousands of struggling homeowners were in for a shock when they received mortgage modifications this year – and their payments went up. During 2008 and the first three months of 2009, more than a quarter of all modified mortgages went unchanged, according to a recent USA Today article. Even worse, another 27 percent got more… Read More »

Why Debt Matters And Home Value Doesn’t

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think America’s biggest obsession is with cars, Starbucks or American Idol. It’s with something a lot closer to home – housing prices. For the last several years, neighborhoods all over the nation have been in a mass panic over home values. Mine is no exception. When a nearby house… Read More »

Why Finances Are More Important Than Home Prices

Move over, baseball. Watching home values seems to be the new American pastime – at least where I live. Just like a sports fan knows all the scores and stats, my friends know every time a nearby house goes for sale – and for how much. They check constantly to see if their homes… Read More »