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Teach Your Children Well. Now.

We need an updated version of the 3Rs, essentials which children need to be taught at a young age – Reading, Writing and Arithmetic (and really, who thought that up? Though I guess it’s better than using WAR as an acronym) that encompasses another (this time the real letter) R: Reality. Kids have no sense… Read More »

“Might as well face it, you’re addicted…”

to debt! Ha! With all due respect to the late Robert Palmer, what’s love got to do with it? Dang. Sorry, Tina. Let me go turn off the CD player. Americans are in debt up to their… well, you name the part of your own particular anatomy, but this truth has to be preceded by… Read More »

McCain to Sub-Prime Mortgage Victims: “You’re on your own!”

Assuming that Hillary doesn’t manage to pull out some kind of sleazy last-minute victory, Barack Obama will face John McCain in the general election. If your family is one of the millions in danger of losing a home because of the sub-prime mortgage crisis, you need to know about a crucial distinction between the two… Read More »