Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorneys Caution That Social Networking Sites Could Harm Your Finances

You wouldn't dream of turning in a sloppy resume or loan application full of misspellings and inappropriate answers, right?

But many of us are doing even worse when we apply for that loan, job or credit card - and we don't even realize it, according to Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. It's all thanks to social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace or even our own personal blogs.

Even though it might not seem fair, employers and lenders are using our online presences to gauge our risk - to legally spy on us, so to speak. You know those crazy, slightly drunken photos you took with pals at a friend's bachelorette party? Or the dirty joke your cousin posted on your profile? Right or wrong, the behavior of you and your friends - rather than your debt - could theoretically affect whether you're able to buy a home.

Maybe this is still a worst-case scenario - but it's becoming more plausible as technology improves. A decade ago, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Photos would be safely tucked in albums and wallets, or at least on our hard drive. Conversations would be between friends or over the phone, not in front of a worldwide audience. Giving up our privacy unfortunately seems to be the price we pay for the convenience of Internet.

Fortunately, it's possible to counteract the hazards of social networking - we just have to be more discrete. You don't have to change your behavior, just think twice before broadcasting it. For instance, e-mail photos and comments - or carry on private conversations online - instead of posting publicly. As for those pics or stories from a really wild party, consider keeping them off the computer completely. And if your friend posts something online you're unsure about, there's nothing wrong with requesting she take it down. In this day and age, most people understand you want to look your best when applying for a job or credit.

Of course, getting out of debt is still the most important step you can take towards improving your finances. If you're drowning in debt, bankruptcy can provide the push you need to start paying it off. That's because a bankruptcy plan can offer an affordable way to make payments while also protecting you from foreclosure and lawsuit. Find out for free if there's a bankruptcy plan that meets your unique needs with a complimentary one-on-one debt analysis courtesy of our Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys, or check out our online video learning center. Because just like you can use the Internet to your detriment, you can also use it to your advantage.

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