Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorneys Point Out that Marriage Doesn’t Pay Off Financially for Women

At least it's romantic: Women today are marrying for love, definitely not for the money.

Until the early 1970s, women stood to gain financially from marriage, when they received a significant spike in income thanks to their husband's much larger salary (often times, the couple's only salary), according to Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. But women have made great strides in education, income and independence. And, today, the roles have reversed. In the last four decades, income rose 60 percent for married men but just 16 percent for their unmarried counterparts, says the Associated Press. Where is all that money coming from? Women.

But here's the downside. As modern females, we might be empowered - but we aren't compensated fully for it. Despite boosting our husband's incomes, women are still only earning 78% of what our male co-workers are taking home. And much of that money is going to debt.

Thanks to the sluggish economy, many women are also dealing with layoffs. Those lucky enough to escape the chopping block often have husbands less fortunate. We're used to living in two-income households, but now many of us are becoming sole breadwinners. And though women are certainly up to the task, it's a high-pressure job - especially when our families are drowning in debt.

But despite common belief, debt doesn't have to be an endless cycle. So many folks have become accustomed to spending an extra $5 a day, whether it's on lunch out, impulse buys at the grocery store (celebrity gossip magazines, anyone?) or that mocha frappuccino on the way home from work. If we could harness the dollars from some of those rogue expenditures, we could have an easy $2,000 or more a year to put towards debt. And the more you pay towards your debts each month, the less you'll owe in the future, in both principal balance and interest.

Don't think you can afford to pinch another penny? That doesn't mean you should have to keep living paycheck to paycheck. You have a legal right to debt relief, courtesy of the U.S. Constitution - it's called bankruptcy. And it's free to find out if bankruptcy is right for you when you sign up for a free personal debt analysis with a DebtStoppers professional bankruptcy attorney in Atlanta. Find out if bankruptcy is your family's ticket to a more secure financial future with no cost - and no strings - attached. Women have come a long way to have the same freedoms as men - and that should also include financial freedom.

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