Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorneys Say Avoid Store Marketing Ads to Save Cash

Have you ever visited Amazon or eBay and been surprised to see your favorite clothing, electronics or books displayed on the homepage? No, it's not your lucky day - that homepage was created specifically for you. You see, retailers are tracking your every move, according to Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys.

Living in the Internet age, privacy is becoming more of a luxury than a privilege. But while you can't exactly avoid the Internet, there are other ways to protect yourself. For instance, is your mailbox stuffed full of catalogs or your inbox filled with store promotions? Do you ever wonder how stores get your address? Often times, it's as easy as having you fill out an online survey, send in a rebate or simply use your credit card.

Maybe you've got the money - or willpower - to afford having stores calling you about sales or sending ads to your house, but some of the millions of Americans struggling to pay off debt don't.

If you'd like at least some of your privacy back, it's time to start keeping a closer watch on what you're giving away. The easiest place to start is your credit card. Every time you swipe plastic, you're giving out your name, address, phone number and e-mail - not to mention the opportunity for thieves to steal all of those things. Oh, and the interest that you'll pay on today's purchase (do you really want to be shelling out 25% interest on basics like groceries or underwear?).

Of course, you might not just save on interest. You'll also be limiting your access to advertisements and promotions, meaning you'll be less tempted to spend money on stuff you don't need. Out of sight, out of mind, right? If you're still being bombarded with store information, try unsubscribing from emails and telling marketers to take you off their lists. You can also join the Do Not Call Registry or opt out of a large list of U.S. businesses kept by the Direct Marketing Association.

Sometimes removing temptation isn't enough. If you've already lowered your spending but debt is keeping you from finding financial freedom, it might be time for a new tactic - like bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy can reduce debt and protect you from legal actions like foreclosure. Find out how bankruptcy can help your situation when you sign up for a free personal debt analysis with an Atlanta bankruptcy attorney. You have a right to your privacy - and your paycheck.

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