Atlanta College Students Falling For Financial Aid Scams

The good news is that the recession has given many people an excuse to go back to school. The bad news? Some of us are paying dearly for it thanks to a recent spate of financial aid scams, say Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys.

Maybe we have more time on our hands thanks to unemployment. Maybe we're realizing that we need a certain degree to be competitive in our job market. Whatever the reason, a record number of Americans are enrolling in college. But how do we pay for it? With average tuition soaring over $12,000, it's no surprise that most students need some sort of financial help for school. And scammers are taking advantage, according to WalletPop.

When it comes to warning signs, college aid swindles aren't different than many other types of scams. If a company makes promises that sound too good to be true, requests personal financial information like your credit card number or promises to let you in on some kind of secret, little-known deal, you're probably looking at a trick - whether it has to do with financial aid, a work-from-home job or lowering your mortgage payment.

In reality, you don't have to pay someone to fill out a scholarship or federal/state aid form - and doing so doesn't give you better odds of qualifying for funding. Aid is doled out by your individual financial and academic situation, and nothing else. After all, isn't the point of getting financial aid the fact that you don't have much money to spend?

Speaking of being low on funds, one of the most effective ways to increase the size of your bank account is to lower debt. Whether you're in need of money for school or just to help pay the bills, getting rid of that pesky credit card balance and monthly interest sooner rather than later can save you potentially thousands of dollars - not to mention a lot of heartache. If you can afford to set aside more money each month for paying down debt, your sacrifice will pay off. And if you can't? Our professional Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys may be able to help you do it. Bankruptcy is a tried-and-true way to lower debt and protect your assets from creditors in the process. Wondering if bankruptcy is right for you? It's absolutely free to find out when you sign up for a personal debt analysis with DebtStoppers.

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