Atlanta Customers Call Service Companies To Snag Lower Rates

You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, well - you know how the song goes - you just may find you get what you need.

The Rolling Stones must have known what many folks are just learning today thanks to the recent recession - a little effort goes a long way, at least when it comes to lowering rates. According to Yahoo Finance, service companies are increasingly allowing customers to name their own price. The only catch? You have to give them a call, say Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys.

Let's say that with all your other bills, paying $75 a month for cable is feeling a tad steep. You're not alone - millions of Americans have canceled cable and satellite over the past few years. But if you don't want to give up TV, their loss is your gain. Cable and satellite providers are tired of losing customers, so they may be willing to give you a sweet deal - but the only way to find out is to ask. By giving your service provider a ring and suggesting that you're considering canceling to save money, chances are you'll walk away with a reduced payment.

It doesn't just work for cable, but for all kinds of everyday services - from phone and Internet to home insurance to utilities. For example, has the cold winter weather had a chilling effect on your energy bill? Sure, you can save money by throwing on an extra layer and turning down the thermostat - but you can save even more by asking your utilities company about more affordable rates. In many cases, you may qualify for a cheaper plan based on your income level or financial circumstances.

While calling up a service company doesn't guarantee a lower rate, not calling guarantees you'll be stuck with the rate you have now. Remember, it doesn't hurt to ask. And that applies to the rest of your finances as well. If you've been wondering about effective ways to finally free yourself from debt, our Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys may have the answer. Bankruptcy is a tried-and-true way to wipe out debt so you can get a fresh start. Have questions or concerns about bankruptcy? Find all the information you need for free when you sign up for a complimentary personal debt analysis with DebtStoppers today.

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