Atlanta Shoppers Can Save Money With Freebies This Holiday Season

What's the scariest thing about Halloween night? For some folks, it's the realization that there are still two more major holidays to go before the season of spending is over.

A Halloween costume and a bucket of candy probably won't bust your budget. But between food and drinks, parties and presents, what's supposed to be a time of family and fun can quickly evolve into a pile of debt that follows you well into the New Year. But there are ways to enjoy the holiday festivities - and the rest of the year - without winding up in the poorhouse or having to go without, say Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. In short, it's all about the freebies.

Retailers are desperate to stimulate holiday sales, especially now that most shoppers are feeling cautious with their money. If you pay close attention, you can take advantage of some smoking deals. Don't have time to look for a bargain? Thanks to the Internet, other folks are doing it for you.

Hop over to WalletPop's Fantastic Freebies blog, for instance, and see that kids in a costume eat free at Chili's on Oct. 31, or that you can download free jack o' lantern stencils as opposed to buying ones from the store (and really, who needs to pay just to carve a pumpkin?). Want to get a jumpstart on holiday gifts? Vista Print will let you create a free custom calendar if you just pay shipping. And deals don't only apply to the holiday season. For example, you can usually find enough free toothpaste samples on WalletPop's blog to keep you out of the drugstore dental aisle permanently.

Because most of us have grown up in a consumer culture, we're used to paying for everything. But it hasn't always been that way - and it doesn't have to stay that way. Fill a reusable bottle with tap water instead of buying bottled and you can save $20 a month. Cancel Netflix and forget about Blockbuster - instead, borrow your movies at the local library for free. For entertainment, consider visiting museums on free admission day or go on a local art walk or hike.

You don't need a credit card to have a good time. And since saving money means more funds to put towards paying the mortgage or the bills, you also save on stress. Of course, if your debt is so large that you can't help but rely on credit, you're going to need to do more than save - you're going to have to start paying down that debt burden. But you don't have to do it alone. For many people, bankruptcy can provide affordable payment plans and protection for your assets - including your house. Learn more when you sign up for yet another freebie - a complimentary one-on-one debt analysis with an Atlanta bankruptcy attorney.

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