Atlanta Vacationers Can Travel on the Cheap This Spring Break with the Right Spending Plan and Destination

Relaxation and spending money do not go hand in hand. So then why do so many people believe they need to take an exotic (read: expensive) vacation come springtime?

Sure, after a long winter, we could all use a sunny getaway. But with many folks in Atlanta dealing with debt and even thinking about bankruptcy, this might not be the ideal time to go on a spending spree.

Now that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some downtime - or even a vacation - this Spring Break. It just means that you're going to need a strategy if you don't want to break the bank.

Don't think of it as being frugal. Think of it as getting more bang for your buck. Whatever you save this spring can be applied towards several smaller vacations later this year. Or you can use it to help pay for gas, groceries or the mortgage - or even better, to pay down debt. That way, you'll free up more fun money in the future.

The easiest way to save money on vacation is to stay close to home. Schedule a couple cool day trips, for instance, and you'll save the cost of a hotel room. Not sure what there is to do nearby? Check out newspapers or Entertainment books for the best deals on amusement parks, movie theaters, new restaurants, museums, etc. You may discover something new, but you'll save money doing it.

If you've really got the travel bug and a day trip just won't do, don't worry. Get creative. How about vacationing in a city that's home to a friend or relative? Maybe you can offer to cook or treat them to dinner in exchange for a place to stay? Heck, nowadays you don't even have to know someone. With a service like, you can trade houses with another family (pre-screened, of course) - you stay in their home and hang out in their city, and they stay in your home while checking out your town.

Not up to staying in someone else's house? Then consider some cheaper alternatives to motels. Today's hostels aren't just for college kids; many now offer private rooms for families. They also feature kitchens, so you can save by cooking your own meals. If you'll be traveling through a state or national park, how about spending the night in one of their cabins? It's more comfy than pitching a tent, yet it's usually pretty affordable.

Of course, lodging isn't the only expense you'll face. But that's where public transportation and a solid itinerary come in. With a little planning beforehand, you can identify the cheapest ways to travel - for instance, by bus or renting a bike - and look for free or affordable things to do (hanging out at the beach doesn't cost a dime, but is about the most relaxing pastime ever). As a bonus, you'll be less likely to spend freely when you've got a schedule.

Planning a vacation might sound like work, but believe me, you'll have a more stress-free time - both on your trip and at home - when you aren't worried about how you'll pay the bill. While you're at it, think about how much more relaxing life would be - vacation or not - if you did away with debt. Less debt means smaller payments and less interest in the future, so you'll have more to spend on retirement, vacations, you name it. If you're having trouble making it happen, bankruptcy can help. Learn if there's a bankruptcy plan that meets your needs with a free personal debt analysis. Our Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys can provide the help you need to send your debt burden packing.

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