Bad Economy Might Have Health Benefits

Today's economy is bad for a lot of things - stress levels, job security and housing prices to name a few. But, believe it or not, it might be good for your health.

Life expectancy actually increased during the Great Depression, according to new research by the University of Michigan. Think it sounds like a fluke? Then how do you explain the fact that researchers found the same pattern in recessions during the 80s and 90s and in countries other than the U.S.?

The theory is that people unknowingly engage in healthier behaviors when times are tight. They smoke and drink less because they have less expendable income to buy cigarettes and alcohol. They drive less and walk or bike more because gas is expensive. They eat out less, and thus eat healthier, to save money. They might even get more sleep, since there's less pressure at work when business is slow - or maybe they're out of work altogether. It seems that the same habits that could save your bank account might also save your life.

Obviously, it doesn't work this way for everybody. When money gets tight, stress levels go through the roof, which is never healthy. And researchers did admit that suicides increased 2 percent during the Great Depression. But they noted suicides are extreme cases - the majority of people who lived through recessions recovered from their stress. And then they went on to live long, often fruitful lives.

If we're lucky, the trend will hold true this time around. But why wait to find out when you can improve your financial - and physical - health on your own? Stop stressing about giving up some of the life's little luxuries and pat yourself on the back for making your life richer. While you're at it, consider the fastest way to eliminate stress - by eliminating debts through bankruptcy.

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