Budget Challenge Encourages Chicago Consumers to Take Back Control of Finances

The math is simple. Spend more than you earn, and you'll end up with debt. Earn more than you spend, and you'll gain control of your finances. So why is implementing a family budget anything but simple?

For many of us, the problem starts at a young age. Maybe our parents were never very good at balancing a checkbook, so we followed suit. Maybe we got suckered into signing up for a credit card in college, and didn't have the guidance we needed to use it responsibly. Maybe we got caught trying to keep up with the Joneses, along with everyone else before the recession.

The point is that most adults today never learned how to make and stick to a budget. So what should be easy is actually overwhelmingly complex - until now.

In recent years, help has become increasingly available for folks looking to gain basic but important financial know-how. Take the courses offered by Dave Ramsey. Through online programs and community classes, participants are getting an education on everything from how to pay down debt to advice for teaching our children the basics of money - you know, the stuff we wish Mom and Dad would have taught us.

Not sure if your finances need help - or can't afford to take a class? Consider taking our new - and free - DebtStoppers Budget Challenge. Here at DebtStoppers most of our clients know they're in financial trouble, but they can't identify exactly why. And it's usually because they don't have a budget. After all, if you can't see where you're going, how can you expect to get there?

It's true that a budget can be intimidating. But what if the document was already written - and all you had to do was fill in the blanks? DebtStoppers is challenging readers to print out our simple family budget. Fill it out and see whether you can balance your finances. If you can't, you'll also be able to see why - so you can start working on a real solution. And if you find yourself getting stuck, just contact us here at DebtStoppers for a free personal debt analysis with one of our bankruptcy attorneys in Chicago.

Sometimes the only thing preventing you from achieving financial freedom is yourself. But you can change - it's our challenge to you. And we know you can do it.

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