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Procrastination Leaves Many Chicago Consumers in Debt

You’d think that with all the DIY personal finance tools available today –, Quicken and online banking, to name a few – that getting our finances in order would be easier than ever. Yet Americans are increasingly falling into debt and filing for bankruptcy. In fact. 1.5 million people opted for bankruptcy in the… Read More »

Watch Out for Store Tactics Meant to Lure Chicago Shoppers into Overspending

Have you ever gone to the store to pick up some bread or run into Target for paper towels – only to come away with a cart full of purchases and a $100-plus receipt? You’re not the only one. Stores rely on a few tricks to distract consumers from saving money and instead lure them… Read More »

Bankruptcy Can Make Affordable Summer Vacations Possible By Lowering Debt

Memorial Day weekend is here, the kids are almost out of school, the temperature is rising – but for some Chicago residents, that summer vacation is on hold. But dealing with debt doesn’t mean you have to forgo your warm weather getaway – at least, not if you use some strategic planning to snag the… Read More »

Chicago Consumers Start Spending on Splurges After Months of Saving

All work and no play might make for good finances – but it doesn’t make for much fun. Fortunately, Chicago consumers are realizing that they can loosen the purse strings a bit and still run a tight economic ship, according to Chicago bankruptcy attorneys – and a recent story on If you’ve been scrimping… Read More »

Cash-Strapped Chicago Shoppers Start Clipping Coupons to Save Money

A few years ago, most people thought of cutting coupons as a hobby for little old ladies. This year, we’re realizing those little old ladies were onto something. Call it a silver lining to the recent recession: after coupon use decreased for several years straight, it skyrocketed a whopping 27 percent in 2009 — the… Read More »