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Little Things Add Up Big Time When It Comes to Paying Down Debt

While I’ll mourn the sunny weather and homegrown tomatoes, there’s one thing I won’t miss about summer – high gas prices. You know it’s officially fall when the pinch at the pump hurts a little less. Yesterday it was announced that an average gallon of gas had fallen below $2.50, the first time it’s been… Read More »

Making Sure Your Bankruptcy Plan Isn’t Too Good To Be True

When you find the right bankruptcy plan, it can almost seem too good to be true. You can get creditors off your back, prevent foreclosure, gain a realistic way to pay down debts and – if you stick with it – finally find financial freedom. So what’s the problem? Sometimes bankruptcy really is too good… Read More »

Be Wary of Scams When Considering Bankruptcy

One of the biggest myths about bankruptcy is that it’s an easy way out. Getting out of debt is not a piece of cake, no matter which way you slice it. What sets bankruptcy apart from other debt relief methods is that it truly works. In order to do so, however, it requires dedication, a… Read More »

Educate Yourself Out of Debt with Atlanta Financial Workshops

After 13 years in the public school system and four years of college, I’ve put in my time when it comes to education. But somehow, seeing the kids head back to school with their new backpacks and notebooks makes me a little wistful. It’s not that I want to return to the classroom (though my… Read More »

Chicago Community Workshops Are One More Way to Learn About Finances

Even though it’s been a while since the end of summer meant back to school, I still find myself intrigued by the new clothes, backpacks and books on store shelves. It’s not so much the stuff – since I don’t have kids yet, I’m not planning a back-to-school shopping spree – but the feeling I… Read More »