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Finding Missing Money Is One Way Chicago Residents Can Help Pay Off Debt

You know the thrill you get when you discover a $5 bill hiding in your pants pocket? Imagine how you’d feel if you found $500 in there. OK, so you’re not likely to stumble on half a grand in your jeans. But believe it or not, it’s not uncommon for folks to forget about similar… Read More »

Loan Modification vs. Bankruptcy: Which Is the Best Way to Stop Foreclosure?

When you’re falling behind on your mortgage payments, the chance to change the terms on your loan via a mortgage modification can sound almost too good to be true. Unfortunately, it often is. Loan modifications have gained notoriety in recent years, as lawmakers have tried to encourage them as a solution for struggling homeowners with… Read More »

Do You Have Too Much Debt? 5 Signs You Need Help Relieving Your Debt Burden

Debt has a tendency to sneak up on you. You open a new credit card account and tell yourself you’ll pay off the balance each month. You raid your 401k and promise yourself you’ll pay it back when you get that windfall you’ve been waiting for. You make a late payment or find yourself taking… Read More »

As Student Loan Debt Drags Down Economy, Consumer Group Pushes for Repayment Reform

Several years into a slow but steady economic recovery, student loan debt is threatening to wipe away any gains. As our bankruptcy lawyers discussed last week, the investor-led housing recovery could stall as investors pull back and ordinary home buyers fail to step in because they’re grappling with massive student debts. With the average student… Read More »

Experts Caution Real Estate Recovery May Not Have Strength to Last

Home prices are rising, foreclosures are falling and consumers are snatching up properties: It looks like the housing market is on the mend. But all is not as it seems, say bankruptcy attorneys. Recently, real estate experts have been speculating that the real estate recovery won’t last. According to CNN Money, there are three main… Read More »