Celebrate Independence Day by Freeing Yourself from Debt, Suggest Illinois Bankruptcy Lawyers

Six years ago, I was in debt. Today, I'm not. And the difference means the world to me. That's why, on Independence Day, I celebrate not just my country's freedom but my own personal freedom.

Of course, when I had the debt, it seemed normal. It was normal for me to use a credit card for everything from gas stations and restaurants to cell phones and computers. I didn't know any other way. It was normal to never make much more than the minimum payment. It was normal to live paycheck to paycheck. And it was normal for me to live in a state of panic because I never knew when the credit card company would lower my limit or raise my rates. Ultimately, it was normal for me to be miserable.

So how did I make it out of that mess? Slowly but surely.

First, I had to realize that there was life beyond credit. It sounds easy, but that was the tough part for me. Giving up my cards meant I couldn't update my cell phone. It meant politely turning my friends down when they invited me to join them at my favorite restaurant. It meant shopping my closet instead of the mall. It meant getting over my grocery store snobbery and buying the generic brand.

Lo and behold, when I focused just on the things I needed - versus the things I wanted - I started saving money. And the more I saved, the less I needed credit.

Keep in mind that I'm making a long story short. Once I weaned myself off the plastic, I still owed thousands of dollars. Getting out of debt is no picnic - but it is possible. And it's worth it. It's about more than just money - it's about freedom to enjoy life. Since I've been out of debt, I sleep better, I feel better, and I swear that food even tastes better. I think it's because I can truly live in the moment - my mind isn't somewhere else, worrying about how I'm going to pay my electric bill because my credit card is maxed out and I have no other way to get cash.

This Fourth of July, why not vow to find financial independence? For a slew of ways to save, check out our free Financial Toolkit. Of course, sometimes it takes more than a personal budget to recover from years of overspending. If you're a prisoner to debt, there's a better way to break free - bankruptcy. And, thanks to Uncle Sam, it also happens to be your right as an American citizen.

When you file for Chapter 13, you'll be protected by the U.S. legal system as you work out an affordable plan to pay off your debt for good. That means your house will be safe from foreclosure and you'll be safe from harassing creditors trying to collect.

Why not find out for free if bankruptcy is your ticket to financial liberation? Just make an appointment for a complimentary personal debt analysis and a DebtStoppers attorney in Chicago or Atlanta can answer your questions and identify the best way to eliminate your debt.

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