Chicago Bankruptcy Attorneys Explain How the Recession Is Helping Us Live Better with Less Money

The recent recession did more than change our finances - it also changed out attitudes, according to Chicago bankruptcy attorneys. And that's a good thing.

Many of us are vowing to make 2010 the year we finally find freedom from debt. And our new treatment of money means some of us have a head start we didn't even know about. How did it happen? Many Americans lost work hours or changed jobs in the past year or so. But instead of simply cutting back by the amount we gave up in salary, we've been changing our lifestyles. We're doing more with less.

Yes, some of us are working longer hours to make ends meet, but the vast majority are filling some of that extra time with not looking for new work, but finding new hobbies - cooking more at home, starting a backyard garden, taking classes at the local community college, reading books, checking out museums and other cool stuff in our hometowns, getting outside or - here's a novel idea - actually spending quality time with our families. Crazy, I know. Fortunately, there's a way to balance our new lease on life with debt-free future - bankruptcy.

For many of us, debt is the only thing standing in the way of financial security. We're done with the rat race of the last decade - we know we can find happiness living on a little less. Problem is, that debt we racked up is still there dragging us down.

Debt can trap us in its cycle. We relied on it when we had no choice - for instance, to pay a hospital bill - or when we thought we could pay it off - like when we had a higher-paying job. Now, we're shelling out so much to cover those prior debts that we have to keep pulling out our credit cards and accumulating more debt, making it hard to get a true fresh start.

This is where bankruptcy comes in. A Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy plan offers an affordable and realistic way to eliminate debt so you can free yourself for good. Find out if a bankruptcy plan is your ticket to a debt-free future when you try a free personal debt analysis with one of our Chicago bankruptcy lawyers. You've got a new outlook on life - you just need the new finances to match.

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