Chicago Bankruptcy Attorneys Recommend Taking Action to Stop Debt

The recent economic news seems to be straight out of a movie - the good, the bad and the ugly.

This morning, for instance, I read about soaring stocks, falling jobless claims and the Fed's prediction that the economy could start to recover by the end of the year. Ah, things must be getting better, I thought. Finally!

Minutes later, I noticed headlines about growing unemployment - Illinois, for instance, just hit 10.3 percent in June, more than 3 percent higher than June 2008 and larger than the current national average of 9.5 percent. OK, I thought, so maybe things aren't looking up quite yet. Because of this unemployment (which, according to another article, is actually higher than reported because it doesn't take into account furloughs, people who have given up looking for work and lack of raises) the housing market - and thus the economy - seems unlikely to make a comeback anytime soon.

Who do you believe?

The optimist in me wants to hold out hope that we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. But my inner skeptic tells me not to count my chickens before they've hatched. So I do what I do best in times of confusion - turn off the TV, shut off my computer and stop worrying.

Now, I'm not denying that there's reason to be upset - with one-tenth of the nation without a job and facing foreclosure, these are trying times. But why waste time dwelling on the stuff you can't control? Recession or not, you can find financial independence. All you have to do is free yourself from debt. Are you having trouble paying the bills? Worried about losing your house? Fearing you'll be laid off? No problem is too big for bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 can stop foreclosure and lower your debt payments so you better prepare for a layoff or other recession-related emergency. Sign up for our one-on-one personal debt analysis to find out how - it's absolutely free of charge. When the economy does pick back up - which it inevitably will - you'll have a clean slate. Now that's good news.

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