Chicago Consumers Save Money With Phone Negotiations

You might think making more phone calls would cost you more money - at least on your phone bill. But placing a few selective calls can actually help your finances, say Chicago bankruptcy attorneys.

Though they might not mention it, many common service providers are willing to negotiate a price - especially in today's economy. According to Yahoo Finance, consumers can save on everything from utilities to Internet service to that telephone bill by simply picking up the phone. Here's how it works.

For example, if super-chilly temperatures are keeping your thermostat - and your heating bill -higher than you're comfortable with, consider calling up your utilities company to see if you qualify for a cost-savings plan. Depending on your income, age and other factors, you might be eligible for a payment plan or even a reduced rate. At the very least, the company can conduct an energy audit to see if there are some changes you can make at home to reduce your bills.

Watching hundreds of channels on cable and satellite was once considered a quintessential American pastime. But since the recession hit hard, millions of folks canceled their TV service - and that's good news for everyone, even those of us who aren't ready to pull the plug. Why? Because cable companies are hurting - and they don't want to lose yet another customer. If you give your cable company a ring and request a more affordable rate, they just may give you a discount of $20 or more a month.

Ask and you shall receive - sometimes it really is that simple. Other times, though, lowering your bills takes a little more work. If you're overwhelmed by a mortgage, credit card debt or other obligation, you can't exactly ask for a lower payment - but you can make your bills feel more affordable by lowering debt. If you can't do it on your own, bankruptcy can be the most effective solution. Interested in finding out if a bankruptcy plan can improve your financial situation? It's free to learn more when you sign up for a complimentary personal debt analysis with a Chicago bankruptcy attorney.

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