Chicago Lawyers Use Bankruptcy to Eliminate Credit Card Debt Caused By Consumer Spending

I admit it - I have cell phone envy. Now I'm normally pretty wise about financial decisions (or at least, I like to think I am) but phones have always been a weakness of mine - and I've had the credit card debt to prove it. It was a matter of keeping up with the Joneses. When all my friends started showing up with flip phones years ago, I had to have one. When a few coworkers bought phones with keyboards, so did I. I was going through a new phone a year, at least - I think the guys at the electronics store knew me by name.

Unfortunately, I paid a lot more for my collection than the price tags on those new phones.

Since I bought them with credit (no way did I earn enough cash to finance that habit!), I ended up coughing up a ton of interest. In most cases, I hadn't even finished paying off one cell before I was buying another. But there was another waste. See, all that money that was going to my credit card bills could've been spent on something more important, like saving for a house - or, even more pressing, paying off my (growing) debt.

I finally realized what should have been clear all along. Phones are for calling people. They're not for playing games, not for surfing the net, not for mapping your next destination with GPS and not for keeping your appointments organized. I'm not denying that it would be awesome to have a gadget that does all those things, but we don't need one. Most of us are online plenty during the day, have a planner that works just fine and know how to use Google maps. Oh, and we also survived just fine before cell phones came along.

My latest object of desire is none other than the ubiquitous iPhone. But this time, I'm not caving. There are so many things in life more important - not to mention cheaper - than racing to match your friends and neighbors in terms of material possessions, be they touchscreen cell phones, cars or clothes.

If you've got a spending habit that's wreaking havoc on your credit, maybe it's time to forget about the Joneses and focus on your own family. Would you rather be stuck with a house full of stuff and no money or a future full of promise and a nicely padded wallet? At DebtStoppers, we can help you reach the latter. Find out for free if bankruptcy can eliminate your debt when you sign up for a complimentary personal debt analysis with one of our professional bankruptcy attorneys in Chicago or Atlanta. Bankruptcy can give you something money can't buy - relief.

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