Chicago Shoppers Falling for Infomercials Despite Debt

We're struggling to scrape together the funds to pay the mortgage, buy groceries and put gas in our tank - so why are so many of us spending money on exercise machines, household cleaners and Snuggies?

Chalk it up to the infomercial phenomenon, say Chicago bankruptcy attorneys. Sales of "As Seen On TV" products are skyrocketing just as families are cutting back everywhere else. Why? Maybe because the products are pitched as a way to buy happiness. You might not be able to afford a nice vacation or new clothes, but for three small payments of $14.95, according to infomercial hosts, you can get rock-hard abs.

Thanks to the economy, it's cheaper than ever for advertisers to buy commercial slots. With many of us working fewer hours and spending more time at home to save money, we've got more time to watch TV. And that's leading to more impulse infomercial buys.

Never mind that deep down, we all know you can't get a brand new physique by applying electric shock to your waistline for five minutes a day or lose 50 pounds by taking some diet pill. Common sense doesn't seem to matter because it's not so much the products we're buying, but the idea that, by buying them, we can transform our life.

But there is a way we can transform our lives for real, and it doesn't involve buying some plastic contraption or a lifetime supply of OxiClean. Most financial problems stem from too much debt. By eliminating debt, we can cut out interest payments and bills and free up money for necessities like the house payment. Not to mention there will be more disposable income leftover for the occasional fun (non-As Seen On TV) purchase. Bankruptcy can make it possible. Find out if bankruptcy has the ability to change your financial future when you try a free one-on-one debt analysis with a Chicago bankruptcy attorney. Unlike the products in those infomercials, this one really works.

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