Chicago Spring Break Vacationers Can Save Money with a Cheap Destination and Good Spending Plan

Blame it on college students. Somewhere along the way Spring Break came to be known as the time to take an exotic (i.e. expensive) vacation. The problem is, with many Chicago residents in debt - maybe even thinking about bankruptcy - now might not be the time to splurge on a pricey getaway.

Now, I understand that you might be getting a little antsy staying at home - hey, I usually have spring fever myself by the end of March. Not to worry. There's no reason you shouldn't be able to take a little vacation, or at least give yourself a break at home. You just have to keep an eye on how much you're spending.

Remember, anything you save this spring can be applied towards future trips or other splurges. Or it can go towards paying today's bills - or lowering debt - so that you'll have more money to play with in the future.

To really save some cash, consider taking some day trips close to home. That way, you won't have to spring for a hotel room. Many Entertainment books offer coupons for nearby theme parks, restaurants, movies and other activities. You could live it up like you're on vacation while sleeping in the comfort of your own bed at night.

Of course, if you're set on traveling a greater distance, you still have options. Do you have relatives you can stay with in another city? Maybe you could trade off cooking dinner in return for a free place to crash. Then there are hostels: they aren't just for college kids hiking through Europe anymore. Many now offer private family rooms, and kitchens where guests can make their own food - so you don't have to spend all your money on McDonalds.

How about house swapping? Companies like can identify a screened family in the destination of your choice - they stay in your house and vacation in your town, and vice versa. Or, if you'll be vacationing outdoors, try renting a cabin in a state or national park. They're more comfortable than a tent, but usually much cheaper than a motel.

Once you arrive in your destination, you can save even more by traveling like a local - that means public transportation, not a taxi or rental. Having an itinerary helps as well. That way, you know won't be inclined to spend money haphazardly just because you're on vacation.

Having a structured getaway might not sound as fun, but trust me, you'll have a better time there - and once you get home - when you aren't expecting a big bill. Meanwhile, think about the freedom you'll experience every single day (not just on Spring Break) when you say sayonara to your debt. Without growing debt and interest to pay, you'll have less stress, more savings and more spending money. If you're stuck, bankruptcy can help you move forward. Learn how for free when you try a complimentary personal debt analysis with a Chicago bankruptcy lawyer. Let us help you take a permanent vacation from your debt.

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