Clean Out Your House for Extra Cash This Season

The best deals this shopping season might already be in your closet.

If you're looking for some extra cash, why not just purge some of your junk? You know, the clothes that don't fit, the gifts that just aren't your thing, the outdated cell phones sitting in a desk drawer. Forget gathering dust -- they could be gathering dough!

Just look at the price of gold, now at a staggering $1,119 an ounce. If you've got some jewelry that's just not your style, you'll probably never be able to sell it for more money than right now. Just a hint, though - there are a lot of scammers out there after your money. Take your jewelry somewhere reputable to be appraised rather than a pawn shop or someone you found in an Internet or TV advertisement if you want to get your money's worth. Read on for even more ways to save money this season.

Got some brand name clothing? Try putting it on eBay. Crockpot you got from Grandma that you never have time to use? Try Craigslist. Your old cell phones, computers and other aging tech gadgets? There are websites that pay for them, like If all else fails, you can stage a massive yard sale. You're bound to get at least a few bucks - and clear out some closet space.

But don't forget one of the biggest benefits to getting rid of your junk - the wake-up call. When I went on a housecleaning kick a few years ago, it got me thinking. Most of the stuff that I was giving to charity or putting up on eBay was purchased with a credit card. That means that even though someone else is now wearing my clothes or making chili in my Crockpot, I'm still paying for them. Since then, I've tried to be a little more mindful about my spending habits.

If you're tired of paying interest on purchases you made months - or years - ago, maybe it's time to get a handle on your debt for good. Bankruptcy might be just the tool to do it. When you file for bankruptcy, you get an affordable plan to pay down your debts. When you reduce what you owe creditors, you also reduce your monthly payments, now and into the future. Find out how bankruptcy can help your individual financial situation when you sign up for a free one-on-one debt analysis with one of our Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. Vow to end 2009 with a clean closet - and a clean financial slate. We can help.

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