Common Sense Helps Atlanta Taxpayers Avoid Income Tax Scams

As if it isn't bad enough that Uncle Sam could take some of your hard-earned dollars, now scam artists want some too.

Tax frauds work because cash-strapped taxpayers are desperate for a way to lower tax bills - and are therefore more willing to let their guard down, say Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. But this is exactly when you need to be most careful. With bills to pay, food to buy and less money than ever to do it with, it's up to you to protect your money from scam artists.

Luckily, there are some surefire ways to identify tax scams.

Dead Giveaway #1
You receive an e-mail from the IRS. Why? The IRS doesn't use e-mail to contact taxpayers. So don't bother opening links or attachments in e-mails requesting your personal info - better yet, don't open the e-mails. And if you get directed to a supposed IRS website online, use caution. Many fake websites look surprisingly realistic. But only the real thing will have a URL that starts with

Dead Giveaway #2
It sounds too good to be true. If someone is promising to eliminate tax debt, chances are it's either a) a lie or b) something illegal that could put you in hot water with the IRS. Work-from-home scams that claim you can deduct expenses from a fictitious business? Tax preparers that promise to give you zero liability? Don't believe them. Debt settlement companies are no better. Most will charge you thousands of dollars for lowering your IRS debt. But they won't tell you that the IRS rejects most of their requests - no, they'll just take your money and run.

Nobody likes to pay taxes - but it would be a lot worse to pay your tax bill and lose a bunch of money in a scam. The only real way to relieve the pain of tax season? Be prepared to pay your bill. That means saving up money year-round for use come April. Worried that you can't afford to save in a time like this? The answer might be right in front of your nose - or in your wallet. How about lowering that credit card debt - or any other debts? That way, you'll owe fewer future payments - and have more money each month for surprise costs like your income taxes. Bankruptcy can provide an affordable payment plan so you can get moving. Contact one of our Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys to find a bankruptcy plan that works for you. Maybe we can't eliminate your tax bill - but we can make paying it less painful.

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