Fight Back Against Scary Gas Prices with Bankruptcy

Looking for a good scare this Halloween weekend? Just drive to the nearest gas station.

Summer might be long behind us, but it seems to have left us with a souvenir - high gas prices. In the past couple weeks, the price at the pump has climbed more than 20 cents a gallon. It's a jump typically seen during the warmer months when people are on the road for vacations and oil is in high demand, not after the kids are back in school and traveling has calmed down.

With money already tight, retailers are worried the unexpected inconvenience will cause consumers to be more careful with their money this holiday season. And they might be right. A few more bucks might not seem like a big deal, but with most folks barely scraping by on the mortgage, credit card bills and groceries (not to mention taxes, medical bills, car repairs or any other unexpected costs) any small change could be the last straw. Fortunately, there's a way to ensure that pricier gas - or utilities, milk and bread, you name it - doesn't get the best of you.

Many of us have already altered our holiday shopping habits this year, cutting back so that we can stay within a budget. But while a budget is an important tool for achieving financial independence, it's not the only one. Just like with a too-strict diet, limiting your spending too much can sometimes backfire. Your best bet is a two-thronged approach - it's not just about spending less, but earning more. Wondering how you can bring home more bacon, even when your boss isn't about to hand out raises? Easy - just look at where most of your cash is going.

Most Americans have tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt. If you can reduce your balance, you'll not only lower your payments, but you'll also lower the amount of interest you owe each month - freeing up more money for your other necessities, bills and "surprises" like car repairs, medical bills or even rising prices. Bankruptcy can be the easiest - and most affordable - way to do it. As a bonus, you'll be legally protected from foreclosure or repossessions, among other creditor actions, from the moment you file.

Bankruptcy can be a complex process, but a professional attorney can handle the details for you. At DebtStoppers, we can answer your questions, walk you through the process and identify a bankruptcy plan that meets your family's financial needs. All you need to do is sign up for a free personal debt analysis with one of our Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. Facing your money troubles might seem scary, but it will put you on the path to financial stability. We can help you get there.

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