Finding Debt Relief Might Be Easier Than You Think, Say Chicago Bankruptcy Attorneys

It's nearly impossible to turn on the TV or computer without being startled by images of the dire situation in Haiti. And while we all wish that we could undo the damage (and many of us are generously opening our wallets to help try), we can also take home a lesson from the tragedy about the real meaning of hardship.

Many of us are struggling to pay the bills and fend of foreclosure. But regardless of what our outcome is, most of us will have food, running water and a roof over our heads - whether it's in a roomy house or a shared apartment. Worst case scenario, we have family, friends or organizations available to help us get back on our feet. Haitians don't have that luxury right now.

Now, I don't mean to indicate that we're in any way superior just because we're American. Lucky, is more like it. What happened in Haiti two weeks ago is a combination of geography, economy and pure bad luck. And hopefully, the country will be able to rebuild with global help so that, whatever happens in the future, they'll have the infrastructure and resources to survive. My point is, no matter what your situation, it could always be worse. There is always a reason to be grateful -- even when debt seems to be running your life.

Getting out of debt isn't a walk in the park, but it is easier than so many other things in life. You can't control the weather, whether you get hurt or sick or what tomorrow will bring - but you can control your debt. If you're tired of losing sleep over your bills, take action. Start looking for places where you can cut back on spending, whether that means switching to generic brands, driving less to save money on gas, scaling back your cable package (or cutting it out altogether) or simply making less trips to the coffeehouse.

But if you just can't budge another inch on your budget, that's OK - you still have options. Like bankruptcy, for example. A bankruptcy plan can halt foreclosure and offer a realistic way to start tackling that debt burden. At DebtStoppers, you can find out for free if bankruptcy is your ticket to financial freedom with a free one-on-one debt analysis courtesy of a Chicago bankruptcy attorney.

The recession has been rough, but many people elsewhere in the world have it a lot harder than us - and they need our help. But even if you can't afford to donate much - or anything at all - you can still make a difference in the world by living responsibly. Getting out of debt is a start.

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